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A Tribe Called Quest
Push It Along translation of lyrics

Also known as If you cant pull it, all ya gotta do is lyrics.

English translation of Push It Along by A Tribe Called Quest
Push it along, yeah, push it along.
Put one up for the Pfeife, its time to ...
The ills of the world make the situation lighter.
The clock is always tickin', the systems should be kickin'.
Like ham and eggs, I eat chicken, chicken, chicken.
Should I release the lever, the lever of the clever,
Embelish on the funk as we start to endeavour?
The wraughts of the rap filling up the gap
With the smash of a hand and a little toe tap.
The boom, the bip, the boom bip
Indicates to the brothers that we be on the flip tip.
Phonies start to crumble, funky rhythm rumbles
Through the dance-hall, but my anthem is humble.
Its the nitty-gritty, my time is itty-bitty,
So I kick the slash for the gipper and the witty.
This aint trial and error, more like tribe and error,
Constantly rude as some sort of tribal terror.
The street cant depart from the bloody heart.
Repair the wear and tear, dont start 'fore it starts.
Wont be gone for long, listen to the song.
If you cant pull it, all ya gotta do is

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