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Adriano Celentano
Una Storia Come Questa translation of lyrics

Also known as Mentre mi portavan via lyrics.

English translation of Una Storia Come Questa by Adriano Celentano
My friends told me to open my eyes
That woman does not marry you for love
He pretends to be good that he does not prove
Just settle down, my friends told me.
I was angry with them.,
I used to call them all pigs.
You speak out of envy
Do you not see that it is sincere and even if
Even if she married me for the money what does it matter to you
But what do you have inside your heart
Beautiful friends I find myself
You speak and do not understand
I don't care about his love
All I need is a life with me
I lament much and lamero
She liked jewelry.
Mink fur coats, she liked gifts
In the long run his whims
They wiped my pockets and I ran out of money.
You tell me what you're waiting for.
You want to send me on the road, think a little.
Smart guy risks big
He tries a shot and he's fine with it, but still
My Hunchback shot went wrong
A wheel cornering me bang
And while they took me away
Wax a man behind his back
He was accompanied
As I walked away, I looked at his hands.
Clutching other hands
And when I cry, I do not turn
There's hell inside
One thinks a lot of things
My hands itched
But my heart was overflowing
Of an endless love and wanted to forgive her
I'm finally out.
She tells me Thug
Just me
Li for li no longer seen
I grabbed her by the throat and more and more
I held her tight and my eyes
Hers looked bigger
And while they took me away
His hands were white
Her skin was cold.
I looked and didn't understand
While they took me away
Was hands her white
Was skin his cold
Wax the train on the fog
While they took me away
Fog wax on cold
Was train his White
Teacher beat me up
While they took me away
I liked the teacher.
Train, skin, white, fog
The teacher on the cold
While he brought me White

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