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Александр Дюмин
Наказание невиновного translation of lyrics

English translation of Наказание невиновного by Александр Дюмин
Well, I sat back, a Bazaar - station?
Bought a ticket to the farm Large Pole
Because I train gang tie
All in the mind, but crap all the same came
Seki, chief, I was sitting in the late afternoon
Looked at the hookers and peacefully ate a donut
And then Gil a good guy to me
Shouts: "Hey, asshole, take me ruddy!"
Everything boiled in nature in the gut
And between his horn I almost moved,
But we were taught consciousness in the camps
And I restrained myself, even the shagger did not take out 2 p.
I gave-him hard-earned rubles,
But I am myself stuck because of GOP-stop
I shout to him: "Colleague, get off
Your mug in acne I don't like something!"2R.
Why would you beat me up, boss, if I'm lying?
But if b-night this face of the parasite
Put with my ass on the corner
Everyone would shout that it was two bandits.
Well, it is, the YMCA, although in appearance and the tramp,
Knuckles, demon, hit me in the face
Then will power my over all
And here I am (in Moscow), and this muzzle - in the morgue 2 p.
Seki, boss, I told you the truth.
And peacefully went to destiny escort,
Because I train gang tie
Give me back my release certificate