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Alexa Feser
Dezemberkind translation of lyrics

English translation of Dezemberkind by Alexa Feser
You look after the crowd
And all the ships at sea
Are in mind passenger
In every plane above you
You know the Start and departure times
All Transport Facilities
So you stand silently next to me
And have not been here for a long time
From the safe distance of the present
I'll give you the Signal to Start
The second star of left and energy
Don't look back and please never write me
I let you go, and it starts
I'll let you go, December's child
You pay every Meter as you walk,
Calculate each Parameter
And every carelessness
I fall backwards through time
Back to the moment,
In which your first empty look
Tell me your Plan,
Now it's my city again
From the safe distance of the present.