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Alexa Feser
Herz Aus Zweiter Hand translation of lyrics

English translation of Herz Aus Zweiter Hand by Alexa Feser
The previous owners were not Konner
Some are even the opposite of talented
You can see it on the cracks and the scrapes,
It has been repaired more than a few times
I have often only in the penultimate second
The loan contract is cancelled again,
So it doesn't end early,
So not something worse happens
New love, new happiness
Offer beautiful collector's piece
No more new
And no longer in the best condition,
But it beats still loud and good,
Still has plenty of blood
This beautiful heart from the second Hand
The very last threads are drawn
And even the last protected associations filed
It's more than just a little miracle,
That it beats almost like in the best times
It may never be exactly like before,
Because some wounds
Do not heal with time,
But a heart needs to live ,
Otherwise it dies a death in loneliness
New love, new happiness.

Music video Herz Aus Zweiter Hand – Alexa Feser