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Alexa Feser
Inventur translation of lyrics

Also known as Das kann man nicht zahl'n lyrics.

English translation of Inventur by Alexa Feser
19 new Emails, 18 unread
Three times this week with friends left
5 business cards from last night
The last cigarette after 2 turns turned off
Once in between I woke up
Got me up and thought of you for a moment
My life is in the number'n, all numbered
All listed, cataloged
But what is missing,
You can't do that number ' n
Is more than just a few words
On a checked sheet of paper
But what pays,
Will I still miss,
Also, if you add all the Rest of the world
36-thousand new speedometer reading
7 new books, 3 of which Brilliant
2 formal letters,
No other Post
I freeze, I freeze
And my heart, it coughs rust
88 Keys, 52 White,
Some of the Black
Show already wear
It falls to me a Trane on my piano
Becomes a missing Note
In Bar 104
But what is missing,
You can't figure it out.

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