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Alexa Feser
Weis translation of lyrics

Also known as Ich lasse die Fotos von dir einfach stehen lyrics.

English translation of Weis by Alexa Feser
Red is all I wear,
Because Red has always been your color
And I hear the songs,
You so much horst,
If you are using your car
Driving through the streets
Black are all your words,
When I black blind,
If I'm still waiting
And I put the needle back on the Vinyl
And see through the window,
The view without a goal
Thought g'rade
I'll just leave the photos of you standing
Maybe a little bit more
No one has to understand
And also your name on the sign at the door,
As if you were coming back,
Like you're still living here
I just keep going,
As if nothing happened,
As if you were just a short time
Get the Post go
I look at the street,
As if I don't know,
You're not coming back
And she waits in white
Grey, the houses in the distance are ,
Are as grey as this night without stars
And I'll wait
Symbolically an end to
Write ' in rainbow colors
Your name on the walls
The colors melt
And laugh at you
I'll forget you
Maybe someday
And I set the alarm
At quarter after Eight,
For at this time
Are you always awake
Thought g'rade
I'll just leave the photos of you.