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Alexa Feser
Wunderfinder translation of lyrics

Also known as Oder vor Wunder blind lyrics.

English translation of Wunderfinder by Alexa Feser
A small point at the right margin
The galaxy, called the world
The softest blue, like a sapphire
And on that point we live
When you look at the whole,
Every day is like a gift,
For from the nothing that was before us,
Came true with us a miracle
Are you a prodigy
Or blind to miracles?
Tell me if you understand,
We are a miracle
This world is becoming more and more blind for miracles
If you can see them,
You're a miracle finder
If our wonderful
Miracle find children's eyes Shine,
Is sadness transform
To dream is full of Dancing,
Dream full of people
Eyes on the world
When the darkness hides us ,
Is the best time to light
You can plan the future,
Not always but still,
Where you look, you have to go
You can do more than see the scrap,
Do more than live the fool,
All blame God
We can do more than look for meaning
We can make sense
Are you a prodigy
Or blind to miracles?.
We've lost a lot of things
We have experienced a lot of things
There was dust on the years
And put on the dreams
It was never easy, but easier,
Because there was the other
We have as by a miracle
Never had a ...
Are you a prodigy
Or blind to miracles?.

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