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Горизонт translation of lyrics

English translation of Горизонт by Алиса
On my horizon snow,
White to the pain in his eyes,
White wind, white earth
The dead band.
I meet the warmth,
I need this.
I meet the warmth,
To go back to winter.
On my horizon night,
Star mess.
The milky smoke romantic dreams
Driving me crazy.
I walk towards dawn,
I'm so glad.
I walk towards dawn,
To see the sunset again.
Strange game,
Through mists, forests and fields
Lies my path.
I want to rest.
Through the crossroads,
His land without feeling his feet,
I shall be
Beyond the horizon.
On my horizon shore,
Full of unnecessary worries.
In the cities vanity,
The maelstrom-a whirlpool.
And I go to sea again.
Full speed ahead!
I'm going to sea again,
To return to port.
I keep going my way,
But the roads come to an end.
And I'm sure someday
I'll get to the end, finally.
Then I'll take the moon path,
Past not return.
I'll take the moon path,
To continue on.

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