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Andy Mineo
Desperados translation of lyrics

Also known as Now they want me dead or alive lyrics.

English translation of Desperados by Andy Mineo
The only way that you get acceptance is when you know you dont need it, yeah
Freedom is a mindset, and I aint in my prime yet
Miner League and one sixteen, yeah
Them my folk I grind with
I think about all that time spent way before success
Get to see the kid shinin', thats the glimmer from the sweat
Get up and go
Homie, we live by the code
We dont got minutes to blow
Time is more precious than gold
Sharp with the flow
Mix it with lyrics that fix up your soul, oh
I aint tryna be liked, Im tryna be a light, bang!
I aint tryna make a livin', man, Im tryna make a life, bang!
Alright, now we some desperados (we are)
Livin' by the motto (you know)
If I die tonight, man, Im ready for tomorrow (you got)
They say get out of town (hay)
The truth wont let me lie though (what else)
They gunnin' for me now (alright)
They know the way I go (lets go)
They want me dead or alive
Im wanted dead or alive
Im wanted dead or alive
Im wanted dead or alive
Im wanted dead or alive
Im wanted dead or alive

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