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Уходи, и не возвращайся! translation of lyrics

English translation of Уходи, и не возвращайся! by Ария
You wanted to be cool
The beauty of its pain
And make the best
Together to pay tribute to you
You decided to light your way
And has found itself two princes
The banker and the murderer
You're just a sly bitch
Go away and don't come back
Go away and don't come back
And don't come back to me!
You call and ask for a meeting
Definitely in the evening
Where the music and candles
You think I'm stupid?
Out of my heart, vampire daughter
I give you half the world
If only you left me
And she didn't back out!
Don't expect to play
The old love
Bye bye baby
There are a lot of old goats in the world!

Music video Уходи, и не возвращайся! – Ария