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Волонтер translation of lyrics

English translation of Волонтер by Ария
He chopped, burned and beat at close range
Volunteer dark deeds and other scams
He had hoarded, collected in his old age
He forgot, but he was not forgotten, no
Every man, every man for all,
Everyone responds there
He begged, he begged, he looked at us,
Said he didn't know there was an order
He was shaking, tears he could not restrain,
But there was a court, the sentence is severe and strict
Even a slight movement seen someone's eyes,
Someone's ears have heard the most secret story
And when it's time to pay the bills
Repentance will not help you
There is no rest for those who have done evil
These people are so unlucky
No peace for those who indulged,
Those who knew and still was silent

Music video Волонтер – Ария