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Ворон translation of lyrics

English translation of Ворон by Ария
Night day broken, delayed wound haze
Black crow looks at me with ruby eyes
I am not superstitious - but my guest prophesies death
Mourning plumage is mourning and I
From another world the Raven brought me news
Soon the sky will gush from the rocks, heavy rain
On a winged horse the rider will come down for me
To admire the hell and agony of the earth
The world is doomed, there is no choice
Eternal night, where there was light.
Three times Raven shouted, darkened skies
My Guardian angel I was disowned myself
The stars fell, and the fire went into the ground
The rider laughed and threw me into the fire
Whatever happens, I'll forget
This is a dream stranger
Only re-circling Raven
Above the earth, above me

Music video Ворон – Ария