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Зверь translation of lyrics

English translation of Зверь by Ария
I'm here, I came to you
Come contrary to the fate
Moonlight pours from the sky
I am a beast, I have no rest
Creeping in the dark like a shadow
In the shower cursing the day
When I'm just a Ghost in a gray crowd
You remember? A long time ago
I lived as in dream easily,
But wounded by someone a wolf
He sank his fangs into my shoulder
And I became like him on an Invisible clear day
Killer and evil master in the night world
You're an innocent angel
Angel of heaven
In this life strange
You're not mine
For you shadow of an animal
You're everywhere together,
Now trust me
I am the beast!
Let me touch you
Enter the blood of an animal poison And moon sacred light
In you your will leave a mark
You'll be the snake faster
All women of the earth sweeter
Let me touch you or kill you!
Look into my eyes
Your opinion is not impossible to understand
You want to kill me
To kill and to forget everything,
And night, as if pain, is dark
The beast is here, waiting for you
You can taste the hunt, the beast is me!

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