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20. 000 Meilen translation of lyrics

Also known as Leuchtende Wesen, lautlos schwebend, in der Ferne lyrics.

English translation of 20. 000 Meilen by ASP
You've got yourself up,
To look far down.
Invaded in the fall flight.
In Here with you, in the Now offense.
You've sunk so low,
And now you know the reason.
You haven't drowned yet.
Get the cry out of your mouth!
Shining beings to capture the black,
Which strives for supremacy and consciousness.
Souls and lights sparkle on the wave chambers,
Revitalized by tidal currents and pure Lust.
Luminous beings, silently floating in the distance,
Unexplored as ever.
Titan Hearts Beat between dwarf stars.
Look how they dance on the lake!
That you were with them has been far too long ago.
You traveled twenty thousand miles under the sea.
You've come so far ,
Too much for you to lose.
Everything remains blurred -
Too often hoped to look forward!
Bright beings to capture the black.
Luminous beings, silently floating in the distance.
Decades seem like seconds,
The next dive will certainly be the longest.
Have you invented yourself today?
Come on in depth, we drowned our fears.
Luminous beings, silently floating in the distance.

Music video 20. 000 Meilen – ASP