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Augenaufschlag translation of lyrics

English translation of Augenaufschlag by ASP
Before the dawn,
I slip into my skin.
I go back from afar,
It's harder for me every time.
I drive through the gate
And dive hard up
From water, deep in the cistern,
And with sleep, a Fanal dies.
I'm looking for meaning in my dream.
The lights are there,
Draw and suck at the soul
And in me, heise longing sahn.
A bright halo:
The Auras Shine.
And are it not even predatory eyes,
Who would soon save me as a prey.
It is close to reach
And yet, never really there.
You can never quite guess,
What gluht at the bottom of the slumber Bay.
Oh, warn your eyes mouth,
Told me the reason!
What do you want to think about?
The wild looks of the night?
Sleep is like a watery grave.
I'll rub off his drops.

Music video Augenaufschlag – ASP