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Das Marchen Vom Wildfang-windfang (schlupftanz) translation of lyrics

Also known as Wildfang! Mein Windfang lyrics.

English translation of Das Marchen Vom Wildfang-windfang (schlupftanz) by ASP
Barely crawling out of the cocoon
The doll beings are already dancing,
Flexes and weighs the soft bone,
Put them in a fast Position.
It attracts wise umbilical cord
From the silk nest after.
So, as if there was nothing spure,
It's Lost from the bedroom.
Immersed in itself and in dance,
Nectar drops are uncovered.
Drunk at your own juice,
Tastes like milk and honey.
Look at the brown eyes,
Erected, keck and already,
It says to send out heat,
And begins to turn quickly.
The sleep was long, the sleep was deep,
The dream frightens up to the Mark.
Now wake up, it's finally free.
The creature feels so intense.
The urge to dance was too strong.
A rite like a cry of joy!
Wild catch! My Windscreen!
See it gluhen and do not freeze,
It's almost naked.
Listen to your own pulsing,
Dance to your own pace.
Fill the night wind with the hands,
Give him back to the world.
Never can it waste,
Live like this right now.
The sleep was long, the sleep was deep.
Wild catch! My Windscreen!
See the puppetry floating,
Easy, like a kiss.
Pure, flawless life,
Because it can and must dance.
Do not sand off the ferocity,
Dance it one morning.
Never was it so taken:
Now it is the winds catch.
That's where the limbs were behaving.
Day and night as a strobe!
Sensors warn it again and again,
Which the storm lifted to heaven.
Wild catch! My Windscreen!
The sleep was long, the sleep was deep.
Wild catch!