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Dro[eh]nen Aus Dem Rostigen Kellerherzen translation of lyrics

English translation of Dro[eh]nen Aus Dem Rostigen Kellerherzen by ASP
From below penetrates even more distant depth
A throbbing through me more than in my ear
Lose the walls on the way down
Decorating and Wallpaper and Glamour
I can't sweat, it will be warmer anyway
How do you think Jonah felt deep in the whale?
How veins penetrate the surface
The pipes that penetrate the structure so
As they wanted to keep the meat on the body
As bone the people's cathedrals
An oven blows pulsating in the basement
An oven like the heart of an animal!
I've never come this far
I just wanted it to remain so
I just wanted to, it would never happen
I was wondering, I never saw it
I wish it finished its beating
I was fond of getting the eyes firmly worn out
But my lids I read behind me
The heart has a flap on the stove
Steel easily opens, and in a gap
There is something that lurks strange and greedy
Consisting of infinite parts
Almost like a beehive, infinitely old
Confusing and confused at the same time, in the Dark
So it seeks a way to spread
The pipes quietly start to drones
From depths rooted in other worlds
A knocking, timidly yet unobtrusive
Sounds like a Morse sign from the wall
A relentless poignant-Bosse question
I pray that I do not know the answer
I hope I don't know the answer
I beg that I am not the answer
From the basement.
A Grunt
From the dream.
Faster and faster.
Hunt you down
Time and space.
I don't know. Mischief. Verdict: Will Be Forfeited.
I don't know. Abdomen. You're trapped.
Down. Wonder. Wound. Expire.
Heater. Spreads. Spei-tongues and snakes.
Like Bells
The Deepest Of The Heart.
No Curls,
Just anger.
The Mauler
The cry of the
New Brood.
Asbestos. nest. Behaved Wande.
Woven. Stick together. Living Alive.
Connected. Terrified. Injured Hands.
- I'm sorry. Derailment. Promise lives.
A Swarm
There in the shadows.
Damp Hair.
The thousand
Are not rats,
House there,
Year by year.
Like waves.
Ums Offense!
How you gellen.
No Forgive.
No Understand.
No Understand.

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