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Elf und Einer translation of lyrics

English translation of Elf und Einer by ASP
Eleven and one shall be of old age
No one can be too little and no one more
Eleven and one and the master on top of that
At night, the black art in candlelight
Elf and one, no one is happy to be missed
Eleven and One and the master who teaches you
Elf and a horen and he reads before
The Raven choir repeats with a chamfer
Elf and one, watch out and hor well
Eleven ravens and the One that you are
Just patience, my friend, it won't take long
And the master calls: shush, on the rod!
In the night Raven Springs Black as coal
On the days weis of flour, like fresh snow
And every year the Gevatter comes a pick up
Yes, every year must go from the friends one
The master needs a new life
And one of us must be
And the Muhlenrad gets slow and stops
Eleven and one, yes so it has always been
So will remain, so will the Tradition
Eleven and one soon wear the black times
Eleven and One and the master is the number
Elf and one is already waiting in the candle smoke
Before the harm and the book, so it is custom
Chained it lies on the Cold Stone
Eleven and one beat the clock, so it must be
Eleven and one without flight are ready
But in no time now you also grow a feather dress
Look down at you and you get scared and anxious
When the master calls: shush, on the rod!
Elf and one and you too are now there
Listen to the black litany in the deep night
Elf and one and now it is done soon
Elf and one soon know how to do it
How to get rid of wounds easily
How to penetrate into the mind of an andrem
How to weather and how to stop time
Anyone who knows the black art will rule the world
Elf and one, they make the form
No matter what it is, it is soon
Whether as a horse, cock, ox or snake
Until the master calls: shush, on the rod!
Eleven and One and another are too much
The master speaks: Eleven and One is the target
It always hits one that falls through the sieve
Who dies too much, because 12 is my principle

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