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Heimsuchung translation of lyrics

English translation of Heimsuchung by ASP
We are strongly connected to everything in this world,
Through invisible thread that no one really spurt.
Some of you have deep, but deep enough? felt it.
You often lacked the courage, often you were untimely.
Only sometimes, at night, in a dream, the same far-flung harp,
There they sound in the Wind to expose the gang.
We cut each cord at the end, if we go
And without this Stop, we will sink in the light.
Most of them are happy to make it happen,
But rarely, a thread does not travel.
And despite the strong current, the river does not carry it away,
The shore remains hidden, so far the last hoard.
They are all long dust and can't divorce.
They are all trapped, the world does not let them go.
You don't find the way, it binds you to your suffering.
Some die was too terrible, some wrong was too big.
Some of you can't master death or this life.
The world is full of restless spirits.

Music video Heimsuchung – ASP