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Koder translation of lyrics

English translation of Koder by ASP
It is just a thin skin away
And wait so patiently.
How he knows us,
I know now and feel guilty.
A colossus from a distant world.
He waits until the very last border falls.
He nourishes himself through the collective,
It starts to moan,
His heartbeat crawls up with you
As rusty dumpy hammer.
As soon as you show up, the trap will catch up,
You're the bait.
All I want is you.
He sent parts of himself as a swarm to our side,
To lead him into rich hunting and harvesting rounds.
An old Monster is just waiting for its time.
It's been getting ready for centuries.
I guess I'm a helper, ' cause I'm bringing him the loot.
I get richly rewarded with you, so people disappear.
Astoria, you're done for me alone.
I've brought you so much for decades.
I feel like I've been chosen out of millions.
It collects the stories that tell of the meat.
We'll be betrayed soon. We're nothing but puzzle pieces.
In the end, the victims were only the parts of a Brucke.
It is the reader who is hungry for our lives
And from the dark into the light.