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Mein Herz Erkennt Dich Immer translation of lyrics

English translation of Mein Herz Erkennt Dich Immer by ASP
Where are you beloved
I can't see you
But I track you close to me
Go through the high grass.
If the flowers are swaying
Each stem gently tilts,
If in the Morning fog
Get out of the shell.
You enchanted me with your singing,
So hard was the pitcher and
So easy was your corridor.
Your voice is so clear and so strong like a river,
Whose current I can not escape,
Because I have to follow you.
Come to me as a Raven
Come to me in the Wind
Come to me as a Wolf, that United, we are again
Come to me in the dream and
Come to me in the forest
My heart always recognizes you
And in every form
I'll hurry to you,
Get on himmelwarts,
So strong is your voice,
So loud your heart gets.
But take care of my dearest,
Who has chosen me,
For the master must not know anything
Otherwise, I'm lost'n.
Come lie down to me
To the Morgentau green.
Look away the clouds in my eyes.
And I want, we went with her,
Where no one can follow,
Where no one ever finds us, and we're free sometime.
And nothing can separate us,
Not danger that threatens us,
No boser spell betrayal, the devil, not the death.
When no one sees you, when no one sees you,
My heart always recognizes you,
Whatever happens.

Music video Mein Herz Erkennt Dich Immer – ASP