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Odem translation of lyrics

Also known as Welch ein Rausch lyrics.

English translation of Odem by ASP
First you come, then you come again,
And after that, nothing will happen.
Light the night, all the songs!
You are the ... of light
And the peak of renunciation.
For years in the hot Phase,
But it never comes to the last.
You're putting me in ecstasy.
I loved to know how!
You always keep a promise,
Deliver a thousand good reasons.
It can't be a crime.
And if you do, I'm sure it's not good.
What a rush!
What a delusion!
We are terrific and a fantastic Team!
What a pleasure!
What a run!
Because we do everything that no one else can,
And never listen again!
When I wake up when I sleep:
I always want to be with you.
I'm your Wolf and you the sheep.
Pick it up, it'll be yours.
It doesn't mean anything to us.
Star in the Dark, I am the earth,
You're a flame, I'm just dust.
We are one, they are the flock,
We're a joke, they're deaf.
You always keep a promise.
What a rush!.
I stayed the way I was.
You're medicine and poison.
The dose I find understated
You're what hits me in the black,
What goes through me
And swinging with me.
It is certainly a case of obsession,
What sounds in me
And from me sings.
There will be a deep fall into immortality.
What a rush!.

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