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Schwarze Schmetterling translation of lyrics

English translation of Schwarze Schmetterling by ASP
All black, I can not see
I can't understand the world anymore
The moon leaves my eyes
I'm trapped and I'm not coming out
Do you know who I am?
I'm floating through the dark night
And a feeling has awakened me
A feeling that no one knows
Eyes empty my brain burns
And I'll dance on my grave
A white cloth turns red
A new life-or-death
My feeling no one knows
Everything is empty and my heart burns
And I'll dance on my grave
Never free the body's wounds
The torment of the path is never over
My life begins after death
He'll give me new powers
You don't see me yet I'm there
As a nightmare I roam year after year
Black roses burning at the wreath
I dance and dance and dance and dance the dance of death
When the storm hits you with icy Claws
Sweep away and unite your suffering with him
If there is no light left for you,
If nothing touches you
And the trannies cried the last
If you cry because you know what it means,
When hope is no more than an empty word
When you go and beg,
That someone reaches you,
Because you're still all alone
If the shadows as always do not let go,
Then I'm angel-like behind you
And I hold my Hand over you,
If the print becomes too large
And you lose everything
And I extend my arms for you,
If you no longer feel warm or love
And I'll be there when you're all unblocked,
In the sun the soul burns, yet freezes
I am infinite as a Ring
I'm the Black butterfly
And my feeling no one knows
On Gluht short
And burns