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Sog translation of lyrics

Also known as Kleines Menschenjunges lyrics.

English translation of Sog by ASP
Little People Young,
Where Are you going tonight?
Little People Young,
Is your sick heart reawakened?
You kneel before the high throne
A fool and his Subject?
With no time or wage,
Tolerant in worship delusion.
Little People Young,
Where does the old path take you,
Little People Young,
Back where you started, as a vending machine?
Your Addiction is just an escape?
Only you can tell.
It was a curse, you tried,
But nothing can be heavier.
Under the smooth surface there is never silence,
Just a little further, and then you were there.
What moves you is only the will.
The shore is already close.
Loss of control in
With full consciousness
Are you still in deep fainting,
Are only from the dream in the dream in the
Dream within a dream within a dream awakened.
Little People Young,
Was the trip not terribly long,
Little People Young,
From the beach-conquer to the upright aisle?
You are born and you live in anger,
Eat everything bald and empty,
You lost, start from the beginning
And crawl back into the sea!
Under the smooth surface there is never silence.
Little People Young,
Don't give up, whatever happens!
Little People Young,
No matter how many times he's pulling you down.
You fall and land hard,
Shut up and get back to the Start!
Listen to me and go to the Start!
Shut up and get back to the Start!
Back to Start

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