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Zwischentone: Abfall translation of lyrics

English translation of Zwischentone: Abfall by ASP
Outside, the dividing wall was built,
And soon I did it to you in the same way.
Out you saw it with anger and sadness,
Down here, she protected your kingdom.
Up I'm a servant and you are always very modest,
Avoid any kind of comment.
I do not let anything see through and hide any wisdom,
Because that's how I stay invisible.
Always in the middle,
If I stare, if I care.
No one ever goes mad at the Hotel in danger.
So many for you.
So many of me.
Now I can see it :
We're ...
The wall dummy I built for us
There in the basement, just for our protection.
A sea of bones standing behind it,
From hair even and old, damp dirt.
Only I get behind it, and I Wade through the filth.
If something betrays us, it's here.
Sometimes an Arm appears, something that once was a face,
As if from deep water a disfigured animal.
Blood on my hands
And your wall.
And from somewhere, a draught, and I freeze.
Always hordes of fall
Of illustrious guests.
I never let this happen.
I always think of something.