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Zwischentone: Baukorper translation of lyrics

English translation of Zwischentone: Baukorper by ASP
The first thing I see when I step out of the station ,
There's no woman in the big place in front of it.
Instead, my gaze falls directly on a beautiful,
Large and also first-class luxury construction.
He acts like a palace on me, no, like a temple of a
Langst forgets a deity as it stands.
I see myself as a machine that is controlled like remote
It is a very mechanical approach to a sanctuary.
A wagon master is standing at the entrance, who with well-fed gesture
Pagen with a pack to the inside.
The people around me now I hardly notice,
I'm enchanted by this scenery and shrugged off.
Chauffeured drivers keep their eyes on the cars,
Guests arrive and others depart.
The finely cleaned ladies get in and out,
And noble gentlemen nod kindly, but close.
I feel like a believer who is looking at
Of a Dom beseelt on his knees thanks to the Schopfer.
I am very pleased with the quality of the service.
And in large letters over me at the entrance plunges.
In my chest, there grows a deep craving,
And suddenly I realize: I'm going to this place.
I find a way, I want and I have to get inside.
I know, otherwise my whole life will never make any sense.
I feel exactly, today is my lucky day,
And with me something big and special will happen.
I'll see how my suit sits and go around the Block
Around, there must be a second entrance.
Here is the door, here are the staff and
Suppliers constantly like insects on and off.
The threshold ladt me in, and so I enter
For the very first time the big, wonderful house.
I don't even feel like an intruder for a second,
What I know is just a thing of the past.
I arrived where I went.
I'm almost unnoticed in the business operation.
It was looking for a substitute, the place
A master of the House has only recently been released.
The previous man, they say to me, was unhappy,
And he broke his neck.
Only a few conversations and quite a lot of firecrackers later
I'm in the Hotel.
On trial only, fur's first, yet I feel myself
Like the biggest Gluckspilz all over the world.
I think, what a wonderful coincidence,
However, according to me, " what a regrettable drip! "
I'm working in Paradise from now on and have been working for the first time
For a long time, a roof over the head.
Forgotten is the Somme, forgotten is Versailles,
Forget the hardship, it's all far behind me.
From tomorrow I am a whole new person, have prospects,
And I wish I stayed here forever.