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Zwischentone: Blank translation of lyrics

English translation of Zwischentone: Blank by ASP
For days I left in the morning hours
Instead of sleeping awake in my little chamber
Perhaps sleeping, but conscious
As the hours of Rest were not already rar
Instead of finding peace
Come looking for a dream design in the room
It's the lady I see at night
Walking alone through walking and through Sale
Astoria, the almost transparent
The hair and Finger through the keyhole
Let me cry, how to lure me with it
Show me the way, but where?
My body, does it stay on the platform?
Does a thread me with him delicate?
Like an umbilical cord - who is the mother?
So stretchy and elastic she follows me
In the pale, gay, light like a line
Connects me to myself
Pumping steadily, a little less awareness
Into the twin satellite brain
Yarn around of transcendent ... webs
The hair of a smiling figure
They tickle without ever touching me
You pull out without tension on the skin
You can hardly distinguish us spirits any more
And yet it does not consist of a self
It acts as if it were free swirling particles
Connecting to unity like a swarm
Perfect in swirling fast dance
To a core of nothing to a Lucke
I can't help it every night.
I follow through the sleeping Hotel
It never really sleeps, still buzzes behind doors
However, it feels like deserted
Every night since the beginning of the dream
If it is a" dream"
I follow the woman a little further
I walk around the corners and through doors
So it goes cross and cross, up, down
However, track I: Overall, it goes downhill