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Zwischentone: Hohepunkt translation of lyrics

English translation of Zwischentone: Hohepunkt by ASP
Oh, dearest, even this night
I gave it to the gang.
I brought you a present.
Until then, it was still alive.
And then you got me in your Arm
That I gave you something.
But behind you the swarm descends
On the still-warm body.
You're grabbing my head.
It's a lot more beautiful than a kiss.
Then the sugar is used by me,
An incomparable pleasure.
Oh, the corridors are familiar,
And everything goes its course as an adventure.
Oh, in every Pore of my skin,
In every fiber of my body you ignite fire.
We can never touch
Just like normal couples.
And yet you experience fantasies
And give me many years.
Only you touch me too much,
At the same time in this house.
Are you doing my interior to the sea
And you're gonna lay my depths out.
The world around us, she dost.
May be, you spurt the quiet breath
From what you're testing in me,
Very dreamy in the deep belly.
Oh, the corridors are familiar.