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Zwischentone: Lift translation of lyrics

English translation of Zwischentone: Lift by ASP
Who's the beautiful lady?
At my night out
By the Hotel, which is never completely lying in bed
Meet her again and again
I've seen them in every hallway
Bypass in the glow of emergency lighting
Continue immediately, just like a fog that flies in the Wind
I rubbed my cold limbs
I was fond of strolling with her
Wandering around together aimlessly
She seems to be waiting for me to take my courage together
And to their run and they appeal
I really want to touch them
I was inducted for you
If she wanted me different than I am, that might sound extreme
Even if I break up
And secretly, I wonder: Is this obsessive?
But does the answer still matter?
Because never before was something like intense
I want it, damn it, whatever it takes!