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Bilavisur translation of lyrics

English translation of Bilavisur by Bjork
Are you coming?
Well elskam min goda
Completely clean a minutunni
He - are you a new space?
Quite you agetur
Awfully saetur
Ad etla bjoda mer
It is quite clean in the style of the
I if ad tetris snow ar
Tha erutil noga
Kedjur that ad come
Us ... about all the way
Honey he Dori
My strong and big
He styrir so well
Thott street se not narrow feet
O! Bikers he is! Well
Cool skalthad be
Ford-model nitjan hundred
And I don't know what
There he points I
A astarvangjum fligeg
There Mosfellssveit goes i evintyraleit
Med hand tosku stora I am inclined to Dori
E gormurinn i framsaetinu stabbed me a versa stad!
But it is nu so ad threyja and hope
But the temple gets better soon
Dori my serrum it
Kedjan is worn and the clash in the car
Skriddu the wonders of car Dori
Greyid my move ther
Are you quite odur o je, my god!
Bikers you stocking my
Alfurinn my I goes aldrey
Again ut med ther dropped well
I swear i I've aldrey a efi memory
Ekid for a such interval
O now bursts of him singing!
And a the end there's a dirty great he ofani
The dust-pile