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Illa Tidandi translation of lyrics

English translation of Illa Tidandi by Burzum
Pa reid Hermodr aptr way sina ok came Of Asgard ok told all tidindi pau he was set ok heard. Because next time send Esir about an historic home orindreka at Baldr was gratinn or Hades. But all you do pat, they are shocked when they ok kykvendin ok jordin ok rocks ok tre ok all malmr, the black, which you will send have at these things grata pa is they come or frost ok I heat. Pa's messengers foru
Home ok hofdu well rekit sin eyrindi, find they I hellinokkvorum where gygr
Sat. Hon nefndisk Pokk. They beg her grata Baldr or Hades. She says:
Pokk will grata purrum tarum Baldrs balfarar.
Kyks ne dauds nautka ek karls sonar: detained to Death because is has.
'but that can men at couple has a verti Valve Laufeyjarrson
Is most of have evil done med Asum.

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