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Из тайника translation of lyrics

English translation of Из тайника by CENTR
Someone was singing shrilly about the hard life
It's warmed in the dense ...
Through the dark lenses give you all peace
Hanging at the tail, the sector prize
The escalator down, and we crawl up
Smoke like the Vatican, in the lights of our continent
There's a smell of success in the alley
The same shop, again the blind rocket
I'm back this life up verses
Skins call you while jingling coins
We have become not those, Ah Yes, you know better
You look like Negroes, but Negroes are more cheerful
And we wanted to blow up, but no one believed in us
And all I want to tail when the doors opened
Boardwalk Empire, rhymes from the stash
Vadim lays Sambo white moth
Again the syllable strong Teflon in the head
Inside the cold February of forests
It's either you're the butcher or meat piece
I put the magnifying glasses in the Ferris wheel.
Smog-soaked streets, rolled asphalt
Covered persons baptized in spoons with cotton
Slang beatle, in the end, a lot of Mat
For brother all clear, just disgusting for Gad
Hours dropped the charge, in the subway for a battery
Two cokes, two ... potatoes with acrid smoke
The black commas on the walls color zhmurov
Leaky vessels, there is an echo travokurov
On white sneakers, sporting a black jacket
In the ears ... puncher, steps white ugg boots
In the yards, one love cats, buried the pots
The girls on spille free the youths
You say you're a God, we don't believe
Come down from Olympus, friend, let's see who God is
You're like a ..., ... Burki.
We're a wolf pack and you're a toothless dog.
In a black Mercedes, in the head compartment
In black like ..., all on the message
Sicari steeper Volonda, rivers Lagavulinа
Run under the skin to me, a lake with sharks
We're all down here avoiding billing
Top on the graves you
Break dance-mortdecai, it is on the cable
Within Dresden, me Dec
The last frame on the coffin cover
Here sneakers air, I wilted
The game of death - rap Caravaggio
50 shades of five-story buildings
We wait for city to city harness
I'm at odds here, encrypted essence
Stuffed would be a Charter fight
My way up, and I'm alone

Music video Из тайника – CENTR