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Работай помалкивай(формула успеха) translation of lyrics

Also known as Работай много lyrics.

English translation of Работай помалкивай(формула успеха) by CENTR
Keep quiet,
After all you already
Long not a small.
Complete the task
In full force
And in a dream you will see
My new Villa.
Work hard,
Breathe into a rag
And the Manager will
Your best friend and sweetheart
And how
in American films
Make you happy
Company founder.
Work hard
And don't.
Humility and meekness
Bring you to heaven.
Tremble for your
And maybe one day
They'll put you in a chair.
Work hard,
Don't rock the boat,
After all, you have enough on the subway
And enough for vodka,
And the best initiate
Salary increase
And right at work
Find yourself a woman.
Work hard,
"What's the joke?",
Be on the phone
All hours.
Work five days
Without exception,
And then Saturday
And Sunday.
Work with soul,
Work harder,
You look and your vacation
It'll be a day longer.
And be ready to take over
Full measure of responsibility,
You're a representative of the firm
And must think accordingly!
Work hard
And don't shirk.
When overload
Every day,
You suddenly toss the hoof
In the foyer put your photo,
And the cornflowers.
Work hard,
Work carefully
And make you
Human management.
You don't understand
The entire depth of the enterprise
So work hard
And don't be indignant!

Music video Работай помалкивай(формула успеха) – CENTR