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Чёрный Обелиск
Сплин translation of lyrics

English translation of Сплин by Чёрный Обелиск
When on the horizon, leaden haze closed,
A heavy day falls like a heavy night,
And crush the heavens as coffin plates,
And the heart of this oppression can not be overcome,
When the dank agnivesha well
We were pushing hard world when his grip
Hope the timid bat beating
And his head on the roof pounding in the dark,
Then the life goes away, and the hearse is huge
Slowly floats in the soul of my mute
And cloudy melancholy, my spy dark,
Stick a black flag in my bowed skull.
When eking out a rain my net is endless,
Enveloping all the heavy veil,
And boredom sticky from the depths of the heart
Silent ... crawls into the brain of the patient,
And suddenly the bells, rushing in a frenzy,
A long heart-rending howl raises into the sky,
As the host of shadows, whose mortal languor
The persistent complaint of disturbing the silence,

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