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No Me Sueltes translation of lyrics

Also known as Te daria todo asi te vayas despues lyrics.

English translation of No Me Sueltes by CNCO
Affection of truth
Is sentiria well
Looking at your eyes I will embrace you (and I will embrace you)
I'd give you everything if you left later.)
And so don't believe me (eh)
And love is afraid (eh-eh-eh)
You would not want to let go and you sorprendere
You sorprendere, ah-yiah, ah-yiah
You sorprendere, ah-yiah, ah-yiah
Ay, mamita
Who are we?
Cnco and Icon Music
(girl I seeing youre getting closer
Feel the rhythm come closer
Mommy, let me show you everything I have
I guarantee that you gonna be my love)

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