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С Новым годом! translation of lyrics

Also known as С Новым Годом, с Новым Годом lyrics.

English translation of С Новым годом! by DaBro
Holiday knocks on the door again,
No one knows what awaits us.
But we know, together at the threshold
We will celebrate this New Year.
When the frost paints the Windows,
Then the cold runs through the skin.
We'll make wishes under the tree,
You'll wish for it too.
Happy New Year, happy New Year!
And this time miracles.
Happy New Year, happy New Year!
That's why we're here.
Happy New Year, happy New Year!
We gathered in a circle of friends.
Happy New Year, happy New Year!
And the mood on top.
Twelve soon and time is short,
Each of us is waiting for gifts.
We all want a fairy tale to come to the house.
And our tree is shining so bright.
In the apartment the smell of Mandarin,
It's time to play and fun.
We light our lights
And know, celebration will come to us again..

Music video С Новым годом! – DaBro