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Daniel Lavoie
Nu translation of lyrics

Also known as Nu, jai vecu nu lyrics.

English translation of Nu by Daniel Lavoie
Naked, I felt naked
Birth shipwreck
On the island of Malenfance
Of which no one has returned
Naked, I felt naked
In wild vineyards
Nourished with golden wine
And of emus corsages
Naked, old ingenu
I swim in your skies
From the land of fire
Herbal juices held
Naked, I cry naked
In the mirror
The heart beacon
What we know Samu
Naked, I felt naked
On the edge of my dreams
The tissue of lies
My fate
But naked, I go on
My way of storm
Screaming at the head
The song of the weavers
Naked, javance naked
Remove from my shadow
I didn't want to be a number.
I've become
Naked, I felt naked
At the four corners of the stations
Clandestine history
Who has more
Naked, I came
Visit in passing
A blood cell
A neutrone nude
Naked, shirtless
I would like to correspond with minhume
In my finest posthumous
"Unknown pacifist"

Music video Nu – Daniel Lavoie