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Дискотека Авария
Вот так translation of lyrics

English translation of Вот так by Дискотека Авария
If you come to us, at once all fatigue will disappear,
Although you don't know what awaits you,
Maybe a nice girl will meet you,
Smile on you and may be broken off,
And so do not regret anything here,
One dance is always more convenient than two.
Smile, I'll be happy happy face,
And then you and I will dance very cleverly. Behold.
No, I can't do this anymore.,
Well, honestly, well, that's my strength gone,
Give me the microphone, I demand an end to the Banquet!
And what do you think, now I am not going to call the police,
Ugh Yes, right now, call let them know what's going on here!
Hello, police, they all got me!
Who is it? Yes, that's all anyone in this room,
Here they are all in this room,
So they took me and got.
Well, if you hadn't, I wouldn't have called you.,
But that fat one, that's the one that got me the most.
Oh, shit, who makes up these gatherings of people,
I'll never let my children come here in my life,
So they all hung out here as Prairie grass,
Left, right, left, right, left, right,
I can't even stand the noise of such a mob.
Everybody go home!
Take coat and fun disagree home.
Turn on the light, turn off the sound,
Who is the most basic here?
I count to zero and enjoy the silence,
I think 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

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