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Das Lied Vom Meister translation of lyrics

Also known as De morituri lyrics.

English translation of Das Lied Vom Meister by Dracula
A long time ago I had a fever
Plotzlich of the evening in the garden
Heard in my head a voice that said
What do you want my friend to wait for
I heard the voice of the master
And listened to his Plan
He can only come on another's call
And I was his man
Since then, I see everything he sees
I go the ways he goes
And I trace when he's hatching
Through your door
Since then I have been his only witness
Hor his laughing and silent in need
Because his bite will make you.
"Forgive my jargon.
Mr. Renfield, I'm afraid
You suffer from hysterical phantasms.
No, doctor, I see it so clear,
Like the nose in her face.
He sails on Seven Seas,
His ship is hard on the Wind,
If bloody red the moon appears,
Then he'll kill a child.
This night music is the Meisterstuck
And the master loves this way.
Sing with me and you'll get dafur
A journey into eternal happiness.
Just who is this master,
Can it be, all these are just imaginations
What you feel is called a doctor hallucinations
Sick and delusional
I can't talk druber,
Because master wants to,
That all who know him remain silent
And always ready for his wishes
It's me, it's me.
And soon I'm free
I'm free
At the cool bottom of the ocean
There's the Dead Crew
The Captain is fighting alone in the storm,
Then beat the master.
De morituri
De morituri
De morituri
De morituri
Master, I heard the call,
Welcome to me as a judge,
Good spirits, the immortality verheist
Silently you walk through walls and doors,
Can your close already traces,
Through the window, through the lattice,
Through the floor, through the fog and the night.
It's done

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