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Фёдор Чистяков
Тёмная ночь translation of lyrics

Also known as Тёмная ночь lyrics.

English translation of Тёмная ночь by Фёдор Чистяков
Dark night,
Only bullets whistle on the steppe,
Only the wind hums in the wires,
Stars twinkle in the sky.
Dark night,
Oh, you know not sleeping
And the crib sneak
You're wiping away a tear.
How I love
The depth of your tender eyes,
As I want
For him to cuddle now lips.
Dark night
Parts favorite us
And cold bare steppe
Lay between us.
The dark night comes wall
Dark night coming darkness
Dark night cold winter
He wants to lie between you and me
The dark night wants to swallow us
Dark night wants to sever
Dark, dark, dark, dark night.
Dark night,
Only bullets whistle on the steppe
And cold bare steppe

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