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Шаленій translation of lyrics

English translation of Шаленій by Gaitana
There's no one like you
You're alone On earth
In Tob so much VD of angel
VD of demons
At me for a long time of polys
I am in your thoughts, in your captivity I
Soon VD me pocus:
"Know that I am already yours"
Drink me, train me, frantic
Kill me your love
Drink me, train me, frantic
Because I'm driving you crazy
I die when you're close
Talat hands ID you, my predator
Can't look Tobe in PTS
Like you like you to be like?
Tlci man would not fall
Because vidchuvayu front feet don't land
You want to steal me with you
POTUS: "I'm yours"
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Music video Шаленій – Gaitana