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Одиночество на земле translation of lyrics

English translation of Одиночество на земле by Гран-Куражъ
The unexpected guest,
Rain in the morning,
Life minutes,
Signs of farewell
Friend today -
Your enemy tomorrow.
Eternal truth
Burned into stone
Life freezes in motion years,
Keeping me,
Don't forget past lives!
Everything remains as in the rock trail,
Loneliness on earth -
All that will be
Soul Wake up
Wait sorry -
Gesture of despair,
Fear and fall
Into the eternal flame
Pain and sorrow,
Flattery and conscience,
Waves of oblivion
Beat against the rocks!
Everything you say - all in stone!
Garden your love beveled!
What's ahead - know,
Finding the answer in the past!

Music video Одиночество на земле – Гран-Куражъ