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Гражданская оборона
Забота у нас такая translation of lyrics

English translation of Забота у нас такая by Гражданская оборона
Care we have such
Author: Egor Letov
Blaze in the blue of the city
The horizon cools in the wind
You and one job forever, forever:
Rainbow over the battle
Rainbow over the ashes
Rainbow over the soot
Endless APR.
Above you heavenly rivers coast
Below me, the underground water milk
You and one way for centuries, for centuries:
Rainbow over the abyss
Rainbow over the pit
Rainbow catcher
Hopeless April.
Protects winter their dead
Guards its guests mansion
Only one thing for us with you craft, craft:
Rainbow over the world
Rainbow over the darkness
Rainbow over the cemetery
Unquenchable April.

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