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Hande Yener
Yalan Olmasin translation of lyrics

English translation of Yalan Olmasin by Hande Yener
It's a real one, actually.
And everybody knows the truth.
But when I'm not on your side
You try to change it
A little late a little early
Every man is on the same path
Would it be so familiar?
Those who consider sex immoral
If you look at it doesn't work for me
If I understand you, know I have to.
When you're burning, you know you're burning because
Then you might know a little halden
Despite someone else's pain, sever yurek
But to hide in fear of natural punishment
As for me, the pain is essential.
I love it. I'm leaving.
Lie lie lie
I can't die from grief
My love of belonging has lost its value
When people decide to kill someone
He finds reason to convince himself

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