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Helene Rolles
Sur Mon Etoile translation of lyrics

English translation of Sur Mon Etoile by Helene Rolles
I heard that everyone
Visit his star at least
Once in a lifetime
It happens in general
When all is equal,
When you don't want to
Me, it's like that
I'm gone
For a non-stop trip
On my star
Arriving I think
She'd be surprised.
But she was expecting me sooner.
Then quietly and softly
I sat almost at the top.
Feet in the void,
Heart a little shy
I thought it was normal.
Head on my star
And I watched the world
For the first time
And remained speechless
Suspended in space
The Earth is to fall in love
It's to let go, to let go
It is the universe that embrace you
I think I'll let it go someday.
And watch her turn, watch her turn
Just a ride