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Иосиф Кобзон
Берёзовые сны translation of lyrics

English translation of Берёзовые сны by Иосиф Кобзон
Land of snow and Swan clouds,
Land birch sunsets,
Sad light, silently looking at me
Russia blue eyes.
My land, I am the son of your birch trees.
I saved the Russian land from the enemy,
I gave everything to the groves of gold
The nightingales never ceased.
My land, I am the son of your birch trees.
White birch from the storms I've kept,
To always dreamed of my Homeland
Birch dreams.
I walked like a soldier on the charred ground,
Flamed smoky sunsets.
Dry cracked work-worn roads,
Like my mother's hands..
When I go to the land where there are no roads,
I myself will become Russia forever.
Nights Rosen in the trunks of your birch trees
My blood will flow..

Music video Берёзовые сны – Иосиф Кобзон