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J. Cole
Cheer Up translation of lyrics

Also known as Thats all I know, thats all I lyrics.

English translation of Cheer Up by J. Cole
But you rather wet up all your pillows all night thinking
Even through the joy I feel the pain
Even in the sun I feel the rain
Even when Im high I feel the lows
Like thats all I know
And Lord knows I cant complain
But even when I do it feels the same
Im getting high just to fight the lows
Cause thats all I know
Thats all I know, thats all I know
Thats all I know, thats all I
Hey cheer up!
Ey lil' mama, cheer up!
You got your whole life to live, ey why you wanna tear up?
Dont let them lil' boy come but do some when they try push up
Hey, hey
Yeah, I wake up in the morning and I ask myself
Is life worth living, should I blast myself?
Dont even wanna get out the bed
I got the Glock to my head, feel I rather be dead
Hey, am I hopeless? Raised with rats and roaches
Never liked them teachers, couldnt stand my coaches
Ask "what's the matter?" but you cant relate
Living the life that you hate but you cant escape
Feel like Im stuck here, thats why I dont give a ... here

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