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Jorge Calandrelli
Perdoname. He Sido una Tonta translation of lyrics

English translation of Perdoname. He Sido una Tonta by Jorge Calandrelli
Forgive me, forgive me love, I'm a fool,
Forgive me, you see I tremble love, I'm crying,
I went with the, because I thought you no longer loved me,
But you must know, that even if you were with him,
I thought.
Forgive me, they hurt my skin, every caress,
Forgive me, me sentire die, if not sonries,
Abrazame, because in the end, you see, I have understood,
I will be a role model, as a babe,
For no reason.
Forgive me, I seek his love perhaps, for forgetting you,
To calm down, this gray loneliness, in your arms,
You know, always breathe, with your memory.,
With all you've given me without asking me,
Nothing in return.
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. I'm honest.,
Well, that doesn't mean that I love him.,
As you will see how your pain will erase the time,
Go understand it counts, just a moment there.