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Я понял всё. Спасибо, пока… translation of lyrics

English translation of Я понял всё. Спасибо, пока… by Кирпичи
The last time I saw her, I remember flying in from Kishenev.
Drinking wine on the plane with Sasha from the group "spleen", it was cool.
Was a beautiful summer day, it seems the day of the commando.
Sun. What else can you expect from such a cool holiday.
Delayed. We met at the Embassy, at her work.
I gave her a rose and a glass of whisky And, I don't remember, something else.
Told her sincerely, " You look great."
Although I thought she was dressed a little worse than usual.
I was trying to say stuff like,"maybe you'll change your mind."
Like, " I can change, grow up. Forget the bad. Think."
I thought I said I loved her as much as ever.
I believed that my last hope was not dead.
Thanks. Until you. Thanks. Bye. I understand. Thanks. Bye. -u003e 2 times
What surprised me most was that I was calm.
She said, " why whiskey? I don't drink that."
Said, " I Don't need to get drunk for the full program."
I said something like,"all right, give it to mom."
She was sitting, I was standing, she said, " Cool."
The conversation reached a dead end, and we were silent for about a minute.
As you can see we had to say goodbye, it is a pity that we were so quick.
At the end, she joked, " that's it. Taking the coins."
I kissed her goodbye. Measurement. For a moment
He touched her soft hand on her white knee.
I couldn't look her in the eye. He stared at the floor for a moment.
He turned and walked away, trying not to look at her.
Thanks. Until you. Thanks. Bye. I understand. Thanks. Bye.
So I went for a walk alone.
Walking on the Crimean bridge.
Everything is alien, and inside is emptiness.
Well, just generally emptiness.
In an instant, your life can turn back.
I could see everything, but I had to stand.
I took a deep breath, gathered all my strength.
Went to "Chinese pilot"there have absorbed the zero-five tequilas.
Useless inside reigned all the same emptiness.
I tried to convince myself that my conscience was clear.
I tried to explain to her how much it hurt, but I couldn't.
I tried to convince myself that God had saved me.
I remembered her eyes and her voice and her white shoulders.
At night I went to St. Petersburg with friends, and it became easier for me.
Then covered and more than once. It was business.
Don't cry, Vasya, don't cry. Collect a broken heart.
Thanks. Until you. Thanks. Bye. I understand. Thanks. Bye. -u003e 2 times